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Access an all-in-one embedded lending platform that empowers you with advanced technology tools to effortlessly deploy and expand your loan programs at any sales point.


Credit as a service

Spotii-in-a-Box is a provider of White Label and customizable technology that enables banks, businesses and lenders to seamlessly offer instant instalments. Whether shorter duration BNPL or longer duration credit, Spotii enables our customers to offer embedded finance solutions in a risk controlled and regulatory compliant manner. Our API based integration ensures quick and scalable deployments globally.

Services include
  • Regulatory Compliant eKYC and AI driven OCR

  • ML driven rules and cohort-based risk engine

  • A fully configurable Loan Management System

  • Virtual Card Issuance

  • Configurable Rewards System

  • LLM driven Collections and Customer Service Apps

  • Advanced and Configurable Analytics

What can we do together?

I'm Banker / Lender

Effortlessly integrate your loan program with any merchant's POS, eliminating the requirement for integration or investment in IT resources.

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I'm a Merchant

Boost conversions, enhance customer loyalty, and skyrocket your sales with Bank-Rate BNPL, No POS Integration Needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do banks use us?

Enhanced functionality: With a seamless API integration to the Spotil-in-a-Box backend, your bank gains immediate access to cutting-edge UX and advanced functionality, empowering you to provide merchants with unparalleled solutions. Effortlessly expand your current POS financing program or establish a new one with ease.

Accelerated Onboarding: Once integrated with Spoti-in-a-Box's backend, you can swiftly onboard and go live with merchants, both online and in-store, in a matter of days. You can significantly expand your onboarding capacity and efficiently bring aboard a significantly higher number of merchants annually compared to your current rate.

Complete Branding: The Spotii-in-a-Box's platform is entirely customizable to reflect your company's branding. The relationship remains exclusively between you and your customer. Spoti-in-a-Box role is to facilitate seamless digital interactions between you and the merchants you work with.

Our virtual card tech requires no integration, allowing you to start using it instantly with any merchant both online and in-store.

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